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Meeting Adrian Pasdar @ Megacon 2008


What an awesome human. He was the nicest person ever. I didn't have the money for an autograph and a picture with him, so he allowed me to take a picture of him. I shouldn't have spent all my cash on Friday and Saturday..

The first thing I told him was that I liked his glasses and he said thanks and took them off then held them out for me to put on, and I gave him mine to try on. Then he started cleaning them and I was thinking, he must thing my face is nasty, but he said it was because the lenses were dirty. So I told him no amount of cleaning could help because it was all scratched up like a truck hit it. He couldn't see out of my glasses anyway because I am blind lol. But he looked good in them!

So he gave them back and I gave his back and I asked if he would make more youtube videos when they start shooting season 3 (In May), and he said totally. He asked if I had any requests and I told him it would be nice to see Sylar and Mohinder skipping down the hallway holding hands. Instead of laughing, he smiled and asked if it was ok if they did it in the Primatech building and I said yeah! Then he says if I see it uploaded then I'll know it was done just for me.

So we shook hands and I was feeling star struck, and Melissa gave him the phone to talk to Samantha to tell her happy birthday, but he totally SANG it to her. OMG. WHAT AN AWESOME GUY!!!

Ok. And then later on was his Q&A panel. *~*

When I raised my hand to answer a question, he called me by my name. He remembered it! He didn't do that for anyone else! *O*
He hurt himself getting onto the stage, I hope he's okay.

Um....so Key stuff he mentioned:
-Producers read blogs (probably fanfiction too)
-Filming starts in May
-Season three starts around September 25
-Jessica/Nikki might be dead
-He and Milo are really close
-They ate breakfast together on his boat the other day
-He's awesome

I took a video of him and Gabby.


Thanks for sharing this. My pasdar love grows.
You're welcome.
And thank you for the comment.
He was such a nice person that I want to let everyone know. lol
Aw, thank you so much for sharing! That's so great that he was so approachable and welcoming. ^^ And I kind of love you for your video suggestion, LOL! This account was a pleasure to read, thanks again! :D
You're welcome!!
Though it probably sounds super fangirly x_x
Thanks you for the comment ♥
Oh my god, awesome, AWESOME report! Thank you so much!

Awww, how did the Milo subject come up, I wonder?xD Aw ♥
Someone asked who he was closest to or who he likes working with the best or something like that. I don't exactly remember the question but it was something along those lines...

I want season 3 to start soon... very soon!