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No free time!

Congrats to my home country JAMAICA~
For all their medals. I'm so proud of them.

I wish I could run like that.

I'm looking forward to seeing that new horror movie, MIRRORS.
I was gonna wait for it to be put on watch movies dot net, but...
I wanna see it in good quality, so I guess I can wait.

Not much is goin' on. I'm still waiting for Season 2 of Heroes to come.
I preordered...again.

Also Season 3 starting soon!!!

I've heard good and bad things but I hope all in all it's a good season.


OMG, long time no see.
Yeah, omg.
Hay~ What's up~!?
A little of dis and a little of dat. You?????
Haha, same same. ♥
I should update more...
You should bb.